Why ORM is important ?

Online Reputation Management, ORM, digital marketing

If you own a business and you want to see your company succeed, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is key.

You may be wondering: what is ORM? How will ORM strengthen my company? ORM is a process that manages, and monitors the online reviews for a company — essentially, ORM manages your online presence. The online world has grown to become a powerful platform for consumers everywhere to share and express their voices. With that being said, consumers are now calling the shots as they have the control on how the public views your business. This is why companies need to take action and be proactive in managing their reviews and reputation.

Think of it like this: we all know that first impressions are everything — they can either make or break a person. If Sarah is looking for an Italian restaurant and finds your business on Google, and all she can see are negative comments, her first impression of your restaurant won’t be good. These reviews are the first impressions your company is giving to consumers — so make them count.